London – The Greatest City?

Many would say it is New York City, but I would beg to differ. Yes the London Stock Exchange is the 4th largest in the world but look at it at a more international measure of finance – currency markets. In terms of foreign exchange turn over the UK is not just the market leader it is still gaining ground, according to the Bank of International Settlements. Bog 1

It doesn’t stop here – The Boston Consulting Group asked 200,000 people in 189 countries where they would move in order to work :

London is well on top.

People who want to work in London need to live somewhere and according to Knight Frank’s Global Wealth Report, London reigns at the top.

Now I could go on with UN Heritage Sites (4 in London – 1 in NYC) but what is the real reason.

For me it is pretty simple – It is just a fantastic town and once you have lived and worked here you will miss the buzz, should you move away. Sure 2 hours out of the City you will get a big house instead of a pokey apartment for the same money, but where else can you ride on an underground that has been in service since 1863?

It can be very daunting traveling here every day and to deal with a signal failure every other day. However, it gets me every time and it is truly amazing and a love hate relationship. Imagine this: Smoking in the London Underground was banned 1984. London Underground smoking ban extended to the entire network following the King’s Cross station fire, in which 31 people died.

blog 2

Then what about the feeling you get when walking down the plethora of small lanes and alleys, in some parts it feels like nothing has changed and it looks just like something people would have walked along when Jack the Ripper was around.

blog 3

The History of London is somehow grim but intriguing. When you explore this City you will see and feel the heritage of the place. It is guaranteed and will leave you amazed.

Below are my reasons why London is THE capital of world:

  1. The Queen lives here.
  2. London has thousand of years of History.
  3. Fashion is important – do not underestimate this – where else can you meet an African Prince riding the Tube playing candy crush on his iPhone?
  4. Plenty of famous landmarks
  5. Christmas is pretty cool
  6. Ride around on a Boris bike
  7. Kings Cross Station even has a Platform 9 3/4 in honour of Harry Potterblog 4
  8. London Theatre / Musical Scene
  9. Vast choice of Food
  10. The Tube
  11. The most diverse City you will ever encounter

There are many more reasons but I have to warn you, London will shape you.

London is like day and night to the rest of the UK, the hectic pace means chit chat is at a minimum, but be sure that whoever you meet accidently in this town they will politely take time and speak to you. Where else in the world can you get on to the BBC Breakfast Settee whilst getting a coffee before heading to work…..

BBC Breakfast

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